League Tournaments

Every year we will hold a series of tournaments. These tournaments last for up to 9 weeks.

They will occur 4 times a year and the grand prize is $1,000. USD.

You will compete for the top position by throwing axes to add points to your score card. No more than 20 Score cards can be submitted. A judge will observe your throw and ensure proper scoring. All decisions are the judgment of the official and are not subject to review or challenge.

The idea is simple. Be accurate and do more than get bulls eyes. The session goes like this.

You get 20 throws to achieve 10 objectives. Any throws left over get added to your score. You have to use all your throws if you have targets not struck. In addition you may not add unused throws to your score if any targets remain untouched.

These are the targets.

1, 2, 3, 4. 3 Bulls-eyes and 3 Kill Shots.

Points for each target.





Bulls-Eye- 6

Kill Shot-10

A perfect score is 68. Add up the total points of all your score cards and who ever has the highest total wins the Grand Prize!

Wait till you see the trophy!

How does the money part work. Well, its pretty simple. No one can submit more than 20 score cards. You can only throw two score cards during a one hour session. Use some time for practice if yu want. Or just come in to practice. We will offer a special discounted rate to participants of the league tournament.

$20 bucks gets you a one hour session. Even if you don’t want to throw your card, you can come in and practice still for only 20 bucks. Bring your friends and compete for the top spot for the ultimate Axe Throwing Experience in Deep East Texas!

325 E Main Nacogdoches, Texas 75961 936-305-5395 info@therustyaxe.com Wednesday 11am-8pm Thursday 11am-8pm Friday 11am-10pm Saturday 10am-11pm Sunday thru Tuesday Closed for Private Events