League Play-1 Hour

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Beginning May 22nd 2019 and ending July 10th, we started our league pley tournament.
Each player will compete for a grand prize of $1,000.00. This is a game of skill. Its not just about hitting bulls eyes. We can teach people to do that in a few minutes. This tournament is about skill and commitment.
Only the best will make it to the end to claim the grand prize and prove they are the best.

For a 9 week period players will come to throw to score points on their card.
The goal is to get a total of 68. The closer you get the better you rank. At the end of 9 weeks the player with the most points wins.

You get 10 cards to submit per player with a total of 20 games from each player.(2 games per card) The cumulative total of 10 cards will be the players score at the end of the tournament. This League Play-1 Hour pass lets you come throw for only 25 bucks.

You must register for the League in order to compete.

Players may throw up to 2 cards in a one hour session. When you start your card, your throw count begins. Throw counts may not exceed 20.

Any remaining throws for each card may be added to the point total of that card for a maximum of 68 points for one card.


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