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Silly Rabbit, Axe Throwing is for kids!

Axe throwing is a very popular sport these days. All over the country people are finding new ways to have fun. Here at our store we teach proper methods for throwing an axe. We make sure it is done safely and in a way that is still a lot of fun.

If you have ever been to the gun range you know it is important to observe the rules or you will get hurt. When someone is down range you dont even need to touch your weapon. In our store we make sure that each person in the lane has thrown their axe before anyone crosses the blood line. We also have a blue safety line that no one is allowed to cross unless they are throwing an axe.

In addition, axes are not allowed past the blue line. We don’t let people walk around with an axe. At the end of your session we let you take all kinds of cool pictures. This is an experience that everyone should have. It seems intimidating at first. Throwing an axe doesn’t sound very safe but its actually a lot easier than you would think.

Everyday we have people come in that have never thrown an axe before. At the end of their session most every one is a pro. Occasionally we get someone in that just cant get the hang of it. We do our best to correct improper technique and help find the sweet spot that exists for everyone.

Some times you need to stand close. Some time you should stand further back. You can shift to the left or right. You can work on where you release the axe. Too soon and it hits way to high. Mind the lights… To late and you end up with an axe in the floor.

We do what ever we can to make your axe throwing experience a memorable one. Come by and check it out. It really is the most exciting thing you can do in East Texas. We look forward to seeing you.